Berwick photographs

Starting my education in photography with Fay Godwin's workshops in Scarbourgh. My degree in Photography came from Derby in the early 80s. Studying under John Blakemore, visiting lecturer Ray Moore with artists in residence Oliver Richon (currently head of photography at the RCA and Karen Knorr (all, well worth a Google). Since then I have regularly photographed, mainly the landscape, until making portraits for 'The Berwick Designers Guild' series of 'PetchaKutcha' events, and then through 'Berwick Educational Association' to photograph Mike Warboy's series of string quartets. I have enjoyed this work enormously.

Despite the digital age, I stick to the old ways of using monochrome settings, a yellow filter for landscapes and a green filter for portraits. Using the lowest asa rating my camera allows, more often than not with the camera under exposing the sensor. This means that when the images are downloaded to Lightroom there is as little work to do as possible.